About Us

Blockstars Technology

Link up with Blockstars and Take Your Blockchain and AI Project to the moon!

We are a boutique technology firm based in Australia. Blockstars Technology is focused on blockchain and AI solutions. 

We Develop DeFi (Decentralised Finance) Platforms by which the open financial economy will be enabled and Web3 Games that provides integration of blockchain into interactive entertainment. 

When comes to the AI aspect of the technology, Blockstars Technology incorporates the greatest in machine learning and data mining to create the best overall AI solutions for you. This, among others, involves using AI to optimise business activities, Chatbots that facilitate user engagement, generative AI tools for innovative and versatile content creation, AI forecasting applications for predictive analysis and data-driven models that assist decision-making process. 

Also, we provide our clients with crypto asset tracking and recovering. Our In-House Crypto Forensic team has worked on a few high profile cases that involved in tracking, recovering  stolen funds and in some cases safeguarding from crypto fraud. 

Our mission

At Blockstars, we don’t simply start the future with the help of the state-of-the-art technology – we make it happen. To reshape the industry with the latest Blockchain and AI innovations assuming the role of a leader in the global tech scene. 

We are determined to harness the power of locally grown talent to not only put Australia on the tech world map but to also lead in Cognitive Technologies that are changing what can be achieved. 

Imagine a day with no corruption, blackmail, and unethical conduct in every field of work. Blockstars does not make this only a possibility but attainable. We believe the understanding of Blockchain and AI is the ticket to justice, security, and transparency in any area. 

Innovate with us at Blockstars where your project receives the edge it deserves to succeed in the tech ecosystem of tomorrow.