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Blockstars Comprehensive Crypto Forensic Services, customers Benefit:

· Enhance Security

· Accurate Valuation

· Regulatory Compliance

· Informed Decision-Making

· Risk Management

· Operational Efficiency

· Transparency and Accountability

· Peace of Mind

· Valuation of Digital Assets

· Due Diligence

· Fraud Detection

· Asset Recovery

· Supporting Legal Proceedings

· Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

· Proof of Ownership

· Dispute Resolution

· Prevention of Money Laundering

· Enhancing Security

· Track and Trace Transactions

Investigating Cryptocurrencies for All Industries

Industries Benefiting from Digital Asset Tracking and Valuation Services

At Blockstars Technology, we specialize in utilising advanced blockchain forensics to provide unparalleled insight and security for digital asset management. Our comprehensive forensic solutions are expertly designed to deliver accurate asset valuation, meticulous transaction tracking, and robust fraud detection, ensuring your organization navigates the complex world of digital finance with confidence and clarity.

Family Lawyers

Accurate tracking and valuation of digital assets for divorce settlements and estate planning.


Assessing the value of digital assets for loan security and enhancing risk management for digital asset-backed lending.


Providing accurate valuation and due diligence for digital asset investments to ensure client trust.

Asset-Backed Collateral

Valuing digital assets used as collateral and protecting against fraud through thorough asset tracking.

Scam Victims

Tracking and tracing stolen digital assets to aid recovery efforts and providing evidence for legal support.


Precise valuation and management of digital assets during liquidation processes to maximize returns and ensure proper recovery.

Company Funds

Identifying and tracing misappropriated digital assets to uncover fraudulent activities and ensure compliance.

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements by providing detailed transaction reports and audit trails.

Industry Case Studies of Crypto Forensic Services

The 2014 Poloniex Hack


The 2014 Poloniex hack highlighted crypto exchange vulnerabilities and the need for strong security. Forensic analysis post-breach was crucial in detailing the attack and identifying hacker techniques. This incident emphasizes the necessity for ongoing security improvements to protect user assets and counter sophisticated cyber threats.

The 2016 Bitfinex Hack


The 2016 Bitfinex hack exposed vulnerabilities in crypto exchanges but highlighted the power of blockchain analysis and digital forensics. The successful tracing of stolen bitcoins demonstrated these technologies' effectiveness and set a precedent for future cryptocurrency investigations.

The 2020 Miami Fraud


The Miami crypto fraud of 2020 highlighted the risks in cryptocurrency transactions and the need for strong security measures. It underscored the role of digital forensics in uncovering sophisticated fraud and bringing perpetrators to justice. As cryptocurrency evolves, so must fraud prevention techniques to ensure the integrity and security of digital financial systems.

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Comprehensive Blockchain Service Business Solutions

Cryptocurrency forensics Solutions for any Business. Comprehensive Solutions
for Tracking, Tracing, Valuing, and Locating Digital Assets Services and Reports

AI Stars
Crypto Tracking and Tracing

Continuous monitoring of digital asset transactions and movements, providing detailed transaction histories, movement patterns, and asset location reports.

Digital Asset Valuation

Accurate and up-to-date valuation of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital holdings, accompanied by comprehensive valuation reports, market analysis, and financial impact assessments.

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Digital Asset Location

Identifying and locating digital assets across various platforms and wallets, with asset location reports detailing where assets are held and any associated risks.

AI Data
Due Diligence Services

Thorough investigation and analysis of digital assets for investment, acquisition, or legal purposes, with due diligence reports covering asset authenticity, value, compliance status, and potential risks.

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Compliance Services

Ensuring digital assets and transactions adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, providing compliance audit reports, regulatory risk assessments, and recommendations for meeting compliance standards.

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

Identifying and mitigating risks of fraud and theft involving digital assets, supported by fraud risk assessment reports, suspicious activity reports, and prevention strategy outlines.

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Recovery Services for Scam Victims

Assisting in the recovery of stolen or lost digital assets, with recovery progress reports, asset tracking updates, and legal documentation for recovery efforts.

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Asset Management Efficiency

Streamlining digital asset management processes for better operational efficiency, providing process improvement reports, efficiency analysis, and resource allocation strategies.

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Risk Management

Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with digital assets, with risk management plans, risk assessment reports, and mitigation strategy outlines.

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Transparency and Accountability

Providing clear and traceable records of digital asset transactions to foster trust and accountability, with transaction transparency reports, accountability logs, and audit trails.

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Legal Support Services

Supporting legal professionals with digital asset-related cases, including asset tracking, valuation, and fraud detection, with legal support reports, evidence documentation, and expert witness statements.

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Custom Reporting

Tailoring reports to meet specific client needs and requirements, providing customised reports addressing unique client concerns, specific asset types, or particular regulatory requirements.

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Your Journey with us...

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Discovery - Meeting

We will work closely with you to understand your needs, identifying affected parties, and understanding the scope of the investigation

Chain Documentation Gathering

We will evaluate your relevant blockchain data, including transaction records, smart contract code, and associated metadata, offering you a timeline.


We will analyse the data collected to track the flow of digital assets, tracing and identify transactions, and examine potential vulnerabilities.

Final report

Once we have taken care of all the transactions, we will create a report. This report will also include information about tracking cryptocurrency assets.

Our Client Investigations

Don’t take our word for it, take it from our clients 

Crypto Forensics


Blockstars conducted a thorough investigation into an Australian exchange that closed down and absconded with funds. Their team meticulously analyzed over 10,000 wallet addresses and tracked multiple cryptocurrencies. Their expertise and dedication were crucial in uncovering the path of the misappropriated assets, providing clarity and support during a challenging time.

Due Diligence


Blockstars provided an exceptional due diligence report for our asset-backed lending firm, meticulously analyzing financial and digital asset histories. Their thorough investigation uncovered fraudulent activities, saving our company $5 million. Their expertise and diligence were crucial in protecting our interests and ensuring operational integrity.

Crypto Valuation


Blockstars conducted a precise crypto valuation for us, confirming ownership and the value of our digital assets for the ATO. This detailed report was crucial in helping us prolong the payment of our tax debt. Their professionalism and accuracy provided the necessary documentation and peace of mind during a critical financial period.

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