Cryptocurrency Investigations

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Do you suspect you've been a victim of a crypto theft or fraud? With our expertise in cryptocurrency forensics, we can trace the path of your digital assets and provide the necessary assistance.

Explore Crypto Forensics

Our services have been provided to government agencies, investigatory bodies, tax authorities, ASIC, court-appointed liquidators, legal professionals, and concerned members of the public, dedicated to unraveling the complexities of the crypto world with cutting-edge expertise and tools.

What Are the Steps in a Cryptocurrency Investigation?

Cryptocurrency investigation uses advanced techniques to follow the trail of lost, stolen or illicit funds. During a cryptocurrency investigation, a cryptocurrency investigator will look through the transactions block explorer and analytics platform of the blockchain. From there, the cryptocurrency investigator will work to find out what address contains the stolen funds.

We Investigates Cryptocurrency Theft

At Blockstars Technology, we offer a comprehensive investigation services for scams, frauds, hacks, and market manipulation by identifying, tracking, and tracing funds on the blockchain, through mixers, and across various chain. Our team of experts at Blockstars Technology investigates crimes such as stolen cryptocurrency, wallet thefts, and crypto scams that involve or utilise blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Cybercrime or Stolen Funds

Improved procedures for verifying the ownership of crypto-assets, with real-time access to information about revealed payments, cryptocurrency holdings, and other digital asset ownership, as well as sanctioned counterparties.

Crypto Audit

The capacity to track cryptocurrency asset movements in real-time, the identification of bad actors, and collaboration with law authorities to aid in the seizure and recovery of your assets.

Transaction Tracing & Investigation

We follow and monitor assets across various Blockchain networks by blending our established asset tracking methods with specialised forensic tools.

Investment Fraud

As cryptocurrencies become more popular, the risk of investment fraud increases. Our services help people better comprehend how real-world assets evolve over time and ensure that those responsible for wrongdoing are held accountable.

Trace Stolen Assets

The main goal of cryptocurrency tracing is to track stolen assets and trace the individuals behind the theft. Cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain are Pseudonymised, which means investigators can gain insights by tracking the points at which criminals exchange their crypto for traditional currency or valuable assets. An essential aspect of this process is to uncover the addresses of custodial wallets linked to these exchanges, particularly at off-ramps where cryptocurrency is converted into traditional assets.